Biography of BTS Groups : Members Career, Songs, Album & Concert Tours


BTS is a South Korean teeny-bopper group shaped in 2010 and appeared in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. The septet comprising of individuals Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — co-composes and co-delivers quite their very own bit of material. Bangtan Boys is BTS full form. One song most popular based on BTS religion where the song finished by expressing he doesn’t have faith in God and distinguishes as an agnostic. Around 40 million in the BTS army population. The BTS concert in the world spread the popularity of BTS. BTS fans population is around 90 million in the world. Here in below, there is more about the BTS in detail. You will get something new in this article about BTS career story, BTS songs, BTS concert tour list, and many more.

BTS Members Profile

1. BTS Members :

In total seven-member on the BTS team and the average BTS members age is around 23 to 28 years old. BTS V, BTS jungkook, and BTS jin are the most famous BTS members names in the list of BTS members profiles. BTS members net worth in 2020 is around $50 million and approximately $7 million per member. They do not believe in God as the song suggests about the BTS members religion.



Kim Tae-hyung is BTS v full name. BTS v photos are so viral and popular also BTS v Instagram has around 6 million followers. Jennie from Kpop band Blackpink is rumored to be dating and viral as BTS v girlfriend. BTS v live on Instagram go more viral and it was crazy about the fans.

BTS Jungkook :

Jeon Jung-nutcase, referred to mononymously as Jungkook, is a South Korean vocalist and musician. He is the most youthful part and performer of the South Korean teen pop band BTS. It has arounf 7.9 million followers in bts jungkook instagram. BTS jungkook and Lisa were dating each other in past, but now there is not any confirmed news for BTS jungkook girlfriend.

BTS Jin :

Kim Seok-jin, likewise referred to expertly as Jin, is a South Korean vocalist, musician, and individual from the South Korean teeny-bopper group BTS. BTS jin Instagram has 37 million followers. BTS jin Twitter is also popular as Instagram. Jin was supposed to be involved with comedienne Lee Gook Joo. The bits of hearsay about them dating got more grounded about BTS jin girlfriend.

2. BTS Career :

BTS careers start around 2013 and they start to become popular in the world as time goes by.  It was amazing to see the BTS career timeline, you get more details on Wikipedia about his career timeline. BTS career earnings start from a very low amount and the latest 2020 earning is around $50 million. In that earning the BTS net worth 2022 members get $7 million each.

3. BTS Discography :


South Korean teen pop band BTS has delivered nine studio collections, seven gathering collections, and six expanded plays. In December 2018, BTS outperformed 10 million collections sold, establishing the standard for arriving at that achievement in the most limited length of time among all Korean demonstrations to have appeared starting around 2000, with 5,000,000 of those collections being sold in South Korea in 2018 alone

4. BTS Songs List :

BTS songs have a collection of around 250 in the BTS song list. The 2 Cool 4 Skool is one of the best BTS songs list in order. Also the other in the BTS songs list like Skool Luv affair is one of the most popular songs by BTS songs lyrics. You can get more about the BTS songs list in order from 2013 to 2022 on Wikipedia.

5. BTS Album :

South Korean teen pop band BTS has delivered nine studio collections, seven gathering collections, and six expanded plays. The “Proof” is the latest BTS album 2022. BTS album loves yourself is 99% liked by google users and was released in August 2018. On the BTS official site, you can get the BTS albums in order, the BTS albums template, and the BTS songs album list. Almost 20 million physical BTS albums are sold worldwide and around 2021 it was more than 37 million.

6. BTS Honors and awards :

In March 2022, BTS turned into the most-granted unfamiliar craftsman throughout the entire existence of the Japan Gold Disk Awards when they won 10 honors this incorporated a record fourth back-to-back Artist of the Year at the 36th service, taking their complete to 30 generally.

7. BTS Concert Tours :

BTS Live Concerts

BTS concert 2022 online is one of the easy ways to connect with BTS for that Tickets will be accessible at the Weverse shop. In the wake of buying one requirement is to go to the live streaming page and sign in utilizing the Weverse shop account used to purchase the ticket. Recently in April BTS concert 2022 las vegas went and organize amazingly. BTS concert 2022 tickets price is around $15 to $650 with different categories. BTS concert tour 2022 Europe is expected to be held in July but the exact date is still to come. They will go to many countries in the BTS world tour 2022. BTS world tour loves yourself in Seoul shot at the Olympic stadium. BTS world tour 2023 country list has many different locations but still the conform list will become.

So this is about the BTS band, about the individuals and the most famous individuals on the planet, you will likewise get about the total assets of BTS and each BTS part. We trust that you might track down astonishing data about the BTS.


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