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Tom Cruise is very popular an American actor and producer, his full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV but fans know him as Tom Cruise. His birthdate is 3 July 1962 and Tom Cruise age is 60 years. Tom Cruise height is 1.7 meter, Tom Cruise wife name, Tom Cruise child name and Tom Cruise awards Oscar list is given below. In this post we give full Tom Cruise biography, so anyone can know all about Tom Cruise like Tom Cruise movies list, Tom Cruise 2022 net worth, Tom Cruise production company, Tom Cruise wife and girlfriends and more.

1. Tom Cruise Personal Life :

Tom Cruise Child

Tom Cruise is one of the world’s most famous and best actor of all time, his all movies are amazing and best for time pass. He is one of the world’s highest-paid actors, his age is 60 years and birth date is 3 July 1962. Tom was born in Syracuse, New York, United States. Tom Cruise personality type is ISTP. Tom Cruise net worth is $600 million. The

2. Tom Cruise Career :

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV started his acting career from 1980, when is is just 18 years old. After that his progress stadily moving upward and he plays best role in his all movies. In 1993, he started Work as a producer his creative mind and hard working nature makes his all movies more famous. The story and suspense of his movies increase his fans list. now you can watch all this things on Tom Cruise movies.

3. Tom Cruise wife & Childs :

Tom Cruise Wife

Tom cruise is not currently married but he married three times, his wife names are Katie Holmes from 2006 to 2012, Nicole Kidman from 1990 to 2001, Mimi Rogers from 1987 to 1990. Tom Cruise wife 2021 name is not available because he is unmarried at this time. Tom Cruise wife katie is his best wife ever. So, this three are Tom Cruise children’s mother. Tom Cruise child with nicole kidman and with Katie Holmes are Connor Cruise, Suri Cruise and Isabella Jane Cruise.

4. Tom Cruise Filmography :

Tom Cruise top gun, Mission impossible all parts, Jack Reacher and many more are world class famous movies of Tom Cruise, his Tom Cruise filmography full list is available on Wikipedia. You can also know about upcoming and Tom Cruise movies 2022 list from this site. For watch all time popular and best Tom Cruise best movies, check Tom Cruise best movies IMDB list, you can find genre and release date wist content from this site. Tom Cruise car war of the worlds is famous at this time.

5. Tom Cruise Mission Impossible :

Tom Cruise Burj Khalifa

Huge number of people waiting for Tom Cruise 2022 mission impossible movie, it might be launch on 28 June 2024. You can watch other Tom Cruise 2022 movie at this time before Mission Impossible Tom Cruise film 2022 is not launch. He is become more popular after his Mission Impossible movies. All Mission Impossible movies are best and very enjoyable. You can find all Tom Cruise movies in order online and watch on multiple platforms at this time.

6. Tom Cruise Production Works :

Tom Cruise production company movies are very popular, most of people watch Tom Cruise production company movies online at this time. All are available on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and on more. For know about his production work watch his movies, you can feel movies like real stories. Tom Cruise is one of the best actor and producer of all time.

7. Tom Cruise Awards and legacy :

Tom Cruise awards list is very big, his wonderful movies and best acting attract all people. Total three Tom Cruise academy awards, three golden globe awards and many Tom Cruise grammy awards won by Tom Cruise oscar winner.

8. Tom Cruise Controversy :

One of the most Tom Cruise Controversy is when ‘Mission Impossible’ released, In 2008 his promoting video is very viral. Then he is in news many times, it’s common for popular personalities. For know about Tom Cruise latest Tom Cruise controversy check news sites and you can find it on google too.

9. Tom Cruise Political View :

It’s a little hard to say Tom Cruise Political View because he is not comments any time on this topic, he is very busy in his personal and professional time so may be he is not become politicians in his life. But the voting is our important so he vote only. So, this are the political views of Tom Cruise.

It’s all about world’s famous actor Tom Cruise, he is very popular for his extra-ordinary acting. Most of his movies are very enjoyable, most of people watch Tom Cruise new movies at this time. Fans are also waiting for Tom Cruise upcoming movies, the full Tom Cruise film list is available online, you can read full Tom Cruise movies list on google and on many platforms. Tom Cruise producer top gun name is Joseph Kosinski, he is the director of Top Gun: Maverick movie. People also find Tom Cruise Oscar nominations, Tom Cruise Burj Khalifa scenes and Tom Cruise car collection in the internet. This is a latest article of Tom Cruise, we gives all the latest information in this post and update frequently, so if you want to know any latest information of Cruise check our post and read.


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